'The 'Pay as You Go' Service for getting the little things done'
Starling Virtual PA & Recruitment Services

Email and Diary Management


Is your diary a mess?

Are you always travelling?

No time to check your diary?

Do you feel you are so disorganized you need assistance to help you keep up to date with your clients?

Thanks to the internet, let us give you a hand to organise, and arrange all your meetings on your behalf while you are out and about focusing on the more important aspects of your business.


Email Detox

How many emails are cluttering up your inbox as we speak?

Is there a lot you haven’t answered?

You could be missing out on business ?

Let us assist you in managing your inbox to help you be more organised. We will  give your computer an overhaul  by prioritizing and responding to the important ones and delete the junk  and archiving the rest…all on your say so.